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The Ready Set Ringtones

American singer-songwriter Jordan Mark Witzigreuter, better known by his stage name The Ready Set, was born in Fort Wayne, Indiana, on November 14, 1989. As the only member of the group and lead vocalist, he tours with a backup band. In addition to nine extended plays and fourteen singles, he has released five studio albums: Syntax and Bright Lights, Tantrum Castle, I’m Alive, I’m Dreaming, The Bad & the Better, and I Will Be Nothing Without Your Love. The commercially successful single “Love Like Woe” from his major label debut, I’m Alive, I’m Dreaming, is what made him most famous.

Witzigreuter made a few music releases under the moniker Onlychild between 2019 and 2022. Under this moniker, he has released twelve singles as well as the four-track EP Solstice. Witzigreuter, Cameron Walker, and Jess Bowen of the Summer Set are also members of the synthpop group Nekokat.

Together with Walker, Witzigreuter founded the record company Swim Team Records in 2021. Numerous musicians, including Future Coyote, TALKBAK, and Casey Abrams, have performed for the company. The label’s music has been featured in promotion for things such as the PGA Tour.

Witzigreuter grew up in Fort Wayne, Indiana, which he often references in his songs. His mother enrolled him in drum lessons when he was eleven years old. As a result, he started playing the drums in bands in middle and high school. At sixteen, he started writing songs and touring with bands after learning how to play other instruments. When Witzigreuter was seventeen, he played drums for Take Sides, a ska band, and Saints Never Surrender, a hardcore band, among other bands. The 2008 release of Saints Never Surrender’s sophomore album, Brutus, bore Witzigreuter’s credit. He played in the band BrideandGroom, an acoustic group.

It’s said that The Ready Set plays synth-pop and electropop music. According to Witzigreuter, he usually likes to mix different genres of music, such as pop, hip-hop, and hardcore punk. Witzigreuter has identified Copeland as his primary influence. He grew up listening to the artist. In general, because of his sound, ability to function as a one-man band, and utilization of a live band while touring, The Ready Set has also drawn comparisons to Owl City.