Judah Smith Interlude Ringtone – Lana Del Rey Ringtones

Judah Smith Interlude Ringtone – Lana Del Rey Ringtones

Judah Smith Interlude Ringtone – Lana Del Rey Ringtones | brought to you by Free-ringtones.net | Ringtones portal you can trust.

  • Writer(s) : Del Rey, Antonoff, Judah Smith
  • Artist(s) :
  • Length : 4:36
  • Label : Interscope, Polydor
  • Producer(s) : Del Rey, Antonoff
  • Genre(s) : Alternative Pop, Americana
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    LYRIC to the SONG

    I don’t understand what that meansfree-ringtones.net
    It means quit lusting after your neighborfree-ringtones.net
    That’s a heck of a life
    You get to love your children in front of youfree-ringtones.net
    You get to love, you have to talk to somebody “I want a new life”free-ringtones.net
    “I don’t love my wife anymore, I don’t love my kids anymore
    Missing out on life at usually my age”free-ringtones.net
    Does that sound like love?free-ringtones.net
    It’s a life dominated with lust
    And for too long, they’ve been holding it upfree-ringtones.net
    And finally, they just get weak and they sayfree-ringtones.net
    “It doesn’t matter anymore”
    And the Spirit of God says, “I’ll infuse you with desires for what you have and what’s in front of you.”free-ringtones.net
    (Yeah, yeah)free-ringtones.net

    So, as it works deep in your heart
    As you call out to Him and say, “How could you do it to me, Man?”free-ringtones.net
    Help me want what I got. Help me love what’s in front of mefree-ringtones.net
    Help me want more of my wife and more of my friends
    And help me serve the city I live infree-ringtones.net
    And not wish it away and hope I can movefree-ringtones.net
    Help me, God
    I wanna be a man in love, not a man in lust.”free-ringtones.net
    But you’ve gotta do thatfree-ringtones.net
    So I bring you to this verse, then I’m done, I’m done
    Psalms, chapter 8free-ringtones.net

    And do you know where I got this verse?free-ringtones.net
    This is gonna sound crazy to you, but I’m gonna tell you the absolute truth
    It’s gonna make me sound so superior to us allfree-ringtones.net
    I’m looking forward to itfree-ringtones.net
    I woke up this morning and God said, “Check the Bible”
    I don’t know if it was God, but if felt like God in my headfree-ringtones.net
    I thought if I hadn’t checked the Biblefree-ringtones.net
    I’m gonna speak to you from the verse of the day
    That means I don’t have to do anything, I don’t have to look anywherefree-ringtones.net
    Just get to the verse of the dayfree-ringtones.net
    So I get to the verse of the day and here’s the verse of the day
    Today, in the Biblefree-ringtones.net

    Look at this (It’s cool)free-ringtones.net
    Look at the splendor of the skies
    You creative genius glowing in the heavensfree-ringtones.net
    When I gaze, when I gaze at Your moon and Your starsfree-ringtones.net
    Mounted like jewels in their setting
    I know, You are the fascinating artist who fashioned it allfree-ringtones.net
    When I look up and I see such wonder and workmanship abovefree-ringtones.net
    I have to ask this question
    I’ve gotta ask this questionfree-ringtones.net
    Compared to all this cosmic gloryfree-ringtones.net
    Why would you ever bother with puny, mortal men
    Or be—ooh, don’t get me started, I could preach another hour—be infatuatedfree-ringtones.net
    Totally infatuated with Adam’s son?free-ringtones.net

    Why are you so infatuated with me?
    You’re the star creator, You’re the ocean maker (Yeah, yeah)free-ringtones.net
    You’re the whale creator, you’re the rhino designerfree-ringtones.net
    Who, who are you? (Rhino designer)
    And then, and then it goes on in verse 5free-ringtones.net
    And it says, “Yet what honor you have given to menfree-ringtones.net
    Created only a little lower than Elohim
    Which is the name of Creator Godfree-ringtones.net
    Artist God”free-ringtones.net
    You wanna call God “artist”
    At some point tonight when you go to bed prayfree-ringtones.net
    “Yo, Elohim,” and he’ll hear, “You’re the best artist ever”free-ringtones.net

    Crowned like kings and queens with glory and magnificence
    You have delighted, You delegated to them mastery over all You have madefree-ringtones.net
    You’ve made me a partner with Youfree-ringtones.net
    I used to think my preaching was mostly about you
    And you’re not gonna like this but I’m gonna to tell You the truthfree-ringtones.net
    I’ve discovered my preaching is mostly about mefree-ringtones.net

    End of Judah Smith Interlude Ringtone – Lana Del Rey Ringtones and Lyric.